3 Sessions

$129.00 AUD $207.00

It is time for 3 sessions-Lose 10cm or get your money back

At Figure By Design, we pride ourselves on a wealth of expertise that spans over 60 years, representing a legacy of skill and commitment to women's well-being. Our team consists of seasoned professionals dedicated to delivering personalized wellness transformations. What sets us apart is not only our extensive experience but also our unwavering commitment to ensuring that each woman receives the individualized attention she deserves.

Booking 3 sessions with us is your first step towards a transformative journey that is meticulously tailored to meet your unique needs and aspirations. Our experts don't just understand wellness; they are passionate about crafting an experience that not only meets but exceeds expectations. Whether you're seeking to drop a dress size, eliminate stress, or simply embark on a journey of self-improvement, our one-on-one sessions allow us to delve into your goals, concerns, and preferences with a level of detail unparalleled in the industry.

During your wellness evaluation, you'll experience our skill factor firsthand as we conduct a comprehensive figure analysis, and a meticulous dietary analysis, and collaborate with you to establish personalized wellness goals. Our expertise goes beyond conventional methods – we utilize award-winning, low-impact techniques that have proven to be not only effective but gentle on the body. Our one-on-one coaching is designed to empower and educate, ensuring that you not only achieve your goals but understand the principles of maintaining a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

The benefits of this personalized approach extend far beyond immediate results. You'll gain insights into your body, establish sustainable habits, and receive the guidance necessary to thrive in all aspects of your life. It's more than a wellness evaluation; it's an investment in your well-being with a team that is not only highly skilled but genuinely passionate about helping you become the best version of yourself. Book your 3 sessions today and embark on a transformative journey with experts who are dedicated to your success.

We are proud NOT to be a gym and to deliver proven, safe, and enjoyable methods to women who have tried it all but deserve results, or the ones that just don't want the gym exposure.

Either way, you are welcomed, looked after, and given proven methods to make you look and feel the best you ever have.

We understand you could be skeptical, and that's perfectly normal, but in your hour with us, you will be able to decide if this is the right option for you and the godsend you have been looking for.If we dont live uop to your expectations and deliver at least a 10cm reduction from waist to knees in your 3 sessions- WE WILL GIVE YOUR MONEY BACK for wasting your time